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12-31-09 Issue #25 - "Odd Couples" made it before the New Year came in!!!!  Really.  It did!  I'm about to hit a few buttons and what you don't see until tomorrow isn't my fault.  At least, that's the way I'm seeing it. Derrick and Rodney's marriage is on the rocks and so is Neil's --- only, he doesn't know it!

6-20-09 Issue #24 - "Nobody's Stupid" is ready for its debut.  It really should have been --- "Ain't Nobody Stupid" because whenever you think you're getting away with something --- you're not.  Why?  Because ... ain't nobody stupid.  Everybody always knows.

3-19-09 Well, it's been more than a long time coming.  Here are the next four issues of Black Gay Boy Fantasy.


7-20-08 As promised, here's issue #19 - "Audition."  This is what happens when Neil meets his new boyfriend's friends and bitchy roommates in a party setting.

7-15-08 It seems like I'm not doing any work. Actually, I am.  Most of it seems to be on my blog.  But, here's issue #18 - "So ..."  Hopefully, in the next day or so, I will be posting Issue #19 - Audition.

5-18-08 At long last, I'm finally putting up some more issues.  Issue #16 - "Vodka Tonics, Apple Martinis and Dyke Drama," in which the girls invade the boy bar.  Issue #17 - "Last Night, This Morning, That Evening" where the repercussions of the previous issue unfold.




3-09-08 I'm serious about my blog.  Check it out!  Check it out!  Check it out!!!  There are serious updates and tons of inside information, sketches, and drawings that you might not see here.  There are things that I find interesting like Nancy Drew, hot brothas, other artists and just ---- stuff!  And, also, let me just face it --- this book has pretty much gone webcomic.  The first 15 issues are posted and the others are coming.  There's a preview of issue #22 - "How They Met" on my blog and a preview of issue #23 cover.  Thumbnails from #23 are coming soo

Plus, here are the covers to the upcoming issues 22 and 23.

1-21-08    Issue #13 (First Date), issue #14 (A Boy I Like) and issue #15 (Naked) have been posted.



11-18-07    On Saturday, December 2nd, the Juicy Mother 2 crew will be in Philadelphia, Saturday, December 1st. Jennifer Camper, David Hooper, Michael Fahy, Joan Hilty, Fly, Ivan Velez and Diane DiMassa will be at Robin's Bookstore at 6pm - 108 S. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA  (215-735-9600).

11-10-07   Believe it or not --- I started a blog.  Check it out.  I don't know what possessed me, but it's actually fun.  There are color pieces of work and just --- anything!!!

10-05-07  Juicy Mother 2: How They Met from Manic D Press has been published.  Juicy Mother 2 was edited by the incredible Jen Camper of "Sub Gulz" fame with a cover by Ivan Velez.  I officially have it in my hands and it is REAL!!! It's available through ManicD Press and Amazon.  Yea!!! We've arrived. It's 160-pages of yummy --- as Jen describes it "gender pirates and sexual outlaws." 

9-06-07     Issues 7 - 12 have posted!!!  Find out how Neil and Dustin met.  Find out why Imu has a problem with him.  Find out what happens to Neil and transport yourself back to his high school days.  See --- what finally gets Neil onto the dating field.

5-19-07     Okay.  Guilt over not getting any "real work" done (like issue #22 --- which only needs a couple narratives and sketches for #23 --- which eventually lead to completion) have forced me to do massive updates on this website.  The bio section for the cast of Black Gay Boy Fantasy now includes Derrick & Rodney (constantly a duo, so they must be listed that way!), Rayshaun (my newest sassy trouble-maker) and Jesus (a sexy potential beau for Neil)!  Also, I've included --- which I probably should have done so awhile ago --- a small (very small) preview of Jesus's stand alone adventure in Zan Christensen's "Unsafe For All Ages 2," which I was privileged to be a part of.  It's called "Recognition."  It's available through the Prism Comics website.  Buy it!!!  There's great work in there from some of today's greatest gay comic artist.

4-26-07     Check out "what sexy is ..."



3-05-07     Covers to issues #13 - 22 have been added.  Yes, that includes the unpublished first draft to the cover of issue #22.   The special thing about issue #22, other than a new story arc introducing a new character, it will be my first color cover!!!


1-22-07       The covers to issues 7-12 have been added to the comics section.  Eventually, the issues will be posted.  Also, Neil and Zelda's first appearance in DC's Black Pride Guide 1996 has been added.  Yeah, they look different, but that was a long time ago.  Plus, there are a couple new pictures in gallery 3.

1-02-07        The New Year has begun.  Issue #6 has been added to the free preview of comics section, Dustin joins the cast section and gallery 3 has opened!!!

10-16-06    The cast section is open!!!  I started with Neil, Imu and Zelda.  The others will follow.  Check it out.

10-03-06    I moved the "news" section --- as many of you may have figured, but also added a preview of Issue #22 - (tentatively titled) "I Heard ..."  This story has been completely thumbed out.  Hopefully, the first two cast pictures will appear soon after.

9-26-06    Silly me ... I had computer problems ... again.  And, for the last couple of months, I wasn't able to update.  Again.  Now, I'm back up to speed. I hope.  "Jitters," from the forthcoming compilation (I'll keep you updated here as to what's going on.) has been completed and I'm currently working on issue #23 (tentatively titled) "I Heard ..."  As soon as I can post some fresh work, I will.

6-26-06    Okay.  The gallery is officially open.  Check it out.  Some of the stuff is old.  Some of it's new.  But, it is a goal.  Yes.  It's a goal --- to update it on a regular.

6-25-06    I'm currently working on a story called "Jitters" for my planned BGBF Compilation Volume 1.  It's an approximately 13-page story that will ONLY be available in the compilation.  It's a filler story between issues #12 and #13 about how Neil and Dustin finally got things started.  I'm not sure when the compilation will be released.  Hopefully, it will be this year.  Things are still in the early stage.  But, yes, it will be available through this site.  Check out a very small -- unfinished preview of "Jitters."

    Now, the BAD NEWS ... Jen Camper has informed us that Juicy Mother 2 will not see print any time soon due to the publisher falling through.  Such is the life of the independent publisher. (Sigh.)  But, I will keep everyone updated on its progress.  Derrick and Rodney will make their solo debut one way or another!

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