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Acappella Comics - Dave Hooper    All Thumbs Press - Justin Hall

David Kelly Studio                                Cavalcade of Boys - Tim Fish

Curb Side Boys - Robert Kirby        Dykes To Watch Out For - Allison Bechdel

Ethan Green - Eric Orner                    For Better or For Worse - Lynn Johnston

Jane's World - Paige Braddock        Lilianne - Leanne Franson

Moralicide                                                Naughty Bits - Roberta Gregory

Prism Comics                                        Sina Shamsavari

Sub Gurlz - Jen Camper                    Tales From the Closet - Ivan Velez

Howard Cruse                                      Fly

Katie Fricas                                          Carlo Quispe

Diane DiMassa                                    Joan Hilty

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