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Welcome   ... to the new and improved ---- oh, who am I kidding --- welcome to the new and finally UPDATED Official website of Black Gay Boy Fantasy - the mini comic book created, written and drawn by me --- Victor E. Hodge.  Neil Jordan and the gang are still around and having adventures.  A whole bunch of new and exciting things are happening.  See what's been going on.  Drop me a line at legions1968@yahoo.com or check out my blog where there's always a new drawing.

Check it out!!! 58 Pages of DRAMA!!!


    I would really like to thank those people who supported me during my --- hmmm ... I don't even know what to call it other than an "artist tantrum."  I just wanted to create.  I never focused on sales or promotions.  But, I continued drawing.  I continued creating.  (I have a whole bunch of other insignificant excuses if you want to hear them.)  I think the last update said that "Issue 10 (was) coming."  Came and went, of course.  They're available.  I just haven't quite gotten the hang of this "business" crap.  But, drop me a line and we can work something out at legions1968@yahoo.com.

    Many, many, many Thanks to the folks over at Prism Comics.  Without their constant support, I would never had any up to date information on the web at all.  Check them out.  They're the greatest resource around for gay comics.


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