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5-20-06    I guess I should mention to those happening upon my site ---- the first five issues of my book are posted here.  Periodically, I will post other issues and remove some.  But, check out the beginnings of the gang.  Enjoy.

    Also, one of my favorite comic strips, The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green has a movie coming out on June 16th from here! Networks.  The trailer looks hilarious and there seems to be a lot going on.  If you don't know anything about Eric Orner, the creator of the gay comic, check out his site.  Meanwhile, go to the movie site by clicking on the banner and check out the trailer.


4-11-06    My very own Derrick and Rodney, the long term couple, first featured in issue #4 (wearing matching outfits) and later appearing in issue #12 are making their solo anthology debut in Jen Camper's "Juicy Mother 2."  It should be out in the near future.  Allison Bechdel, Leanne Franson, Ivan Velez, Robert Kirby and David Kelly are just some of the few incredible, incredible, INCREDIBLE artists to be featured. Most of all, it will feature the sensational debut of David Hooper of Acappella Comics.  It's about time he graced the world with his talent.  You will be blown away by his work.  Also, grab the original Juicy Mother.  Jen Camper's work on SubGurlz and other things in general is incredible.  Support her, folks!!!


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