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This is a story that never had a title.  It never had any dialogue.  I submitted it for an anthology.  And, sometimes with small press, it was never published.  But, I was grateful for the experience.  It  showed me I could meet a deadline.  It has literally sat around for years.  It's about club life.  It's basically a night of hanging out at the Delta, a club in Washington, D.C.  One of the unnamed characters here was supposed to be a regular of BGBF, but since he never he seems to call, nobody thinks about him.

        Little Dramas                                                               

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This was a strip I did for a friend of mine for the Women In The Life website.  Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with a one-shot strip.  It's strange, but I need pages to get my point across.  But, I did come up with a couple of strips.  Some of them surfaced in the newsletter and website, others ... just were never completed.  But, they're here!

    Black Pride Guide


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This is Neil and Zelda's very first public appearance from the Black Lesbian and Gay Pride Guide.  I guess I can start by saying that I was trying to make a "statement" about Pride Day in D.C.  (When I say "Pride," I mean "Black Pride.")  Though a truly wonderful and uplifting event, I guess I felt at the time that removing all the "sexually identifiable" words from the title of the Black Lesbian and Gay Pride Day banner, t-shirts and other paraphernalia basically reduced it to a non-specific "pride day."  Straight people happening upon Banneker Field, seeking "black pride," would do so without realizing that this was indeed another type of "black pride" taking place.  I just wished things could have been a lot more open.  Also, without a parade or the necessary publicity to coincide with the event or the somewhat seclusion of Banneker Field left me a little bit empty.   But then, I guess the sole purpose was for black/gay-identified folks to come together for a little fun and "pride."  Plus, the crowd generated *every* year brings forth the truth.  I decided to stop taking myself so seriously.  This was my statement back then.  I won't say that position has changed ... I'll just say that I've calmed down about the topic.  I'm just glad that my black folks are coming together year after year.






















      Federal Barbee 

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I collect Barbie dolls.  I'm not just a sissy --- I customize them and make them actually look like little black people.  So, I've always had a relationship with "Barbie."  So, this is a spoof.  A cross between what was going on between Mattel and the current President at the time and the "comfy" Federal Government job I had at the time.  It was  very short lived strip which never saw a second strip because of a "controversy" involving advertising.  To the Federal Government, in my bio, "Black Gay Boy Fantasy" sounded like a porn site.  So, I gave up the strip and re-focused on BGBF.  Here are the only two strips in publication.

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