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FULL NAME: Neil Alexander Jordan

AGE: 29

BIRTH PLACE: Washington, D.C.

WHEN YOU REALIZED YOU WERE GAY: When I started reading "Right On! Magazine" for the photo spreads of Prince, El DeBarge and Warren Mills.

FIRST GAY FRIEND/INFLUENCE: Zelda Colby. She knew how to beat up all the boys in my class. And often did so for me. Now thatís love.

FIRST PERSON YOU TOLD: Zelda. She then told me she was a lesbian. But, she claimed she already knew about me.

FIRST "GAY" STATEMENT: I think itís when I refused to "butch" it up for the boys in gym class in 8th grade.

RUMOR: Used to like Menudo as a child.

COMMENT: What can I say? I had a choice ... Menudo or New Edition. Ralph hadnít grown into his looks yet. Sure, New Edition was more talented, but Menudo was cuter. Hell ... look at Ricky Martin.


SOMETHING NOBODY KNOWS:  "That I can be very, very messy.  It's not intentional, but I think I sometimes sabotage things."


Excerpts from Neil's Journal:

"... I don't know how I got talked into doing this.  It was Eric's idea all along to do it and what happens?  He doesn't even show up!!!  But, I can't fault him too much.  I mean, my doing this was important to me.  It's my way of taking a step in the right direction.  Wherever the hell that is!  Living in Washington, D.C., you can't help but get caught up in the activist scene.  Plus, I might happen upon some fine boys ..."


"I want to do something, but sometimes I get scared.  What if somebody recognizes me?  I know that there are going to be cameras there.  What if my parent see me?  They supposedly don't care ... It's just that I don't need them having any excuse to bring up the topic of my 'lifestyle."  I guess I can always hang near the back."

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