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FULL NAME: Imu David Bradford

AGE: 38

BIRTHPLACE: Detroit, Michigan

WHEN YOU FIRST REALIZED YOU WERE GAY: "When I would peek at my uncle in the shower. I don't ever think about the scary, incestuous ramifications of it all because my uncle was fine.  Any healthy homosexual would have looked if the opportunity presented itself. Plus I think he liked it.  (He was only fourteen at the time.)"

FIRST GAY FRIEND/INFLUENCE: "It doesn't matter." (Necessary, dramatic pause.) "He's no longer with us anyway."

FIRST PERSON YOU TOLD: "See above for its cryptic conclusions."

FIRST "GAY" STATEMENT: "I can't remember the first. There have been so many, in so many different ways.  Marching openly and being in parades help.  Being in a long term relationship and being out to my family."

RUMOR: Already has a boyfriend and is in an open relationship.

COMMENT: "Not that it's anybody's BUSINESS, but --- I am --- and I only deal with willing participants."


SOMETHING NOBODY KNOWS:  "That I step out on Mohammed to keep him interested in me.  But, you probably already figured that out."


Excerpts from Neil's journal

"... last night I went to the candlelight vigil at the Supreme Court Building.  just like I figured ... not enough black folks.  I won't even get into all that.  But, the ones that are normally at these things are always attached to white folks ..."

"... There were a couple of brothas out there though.  One in particular was fine as shit!  He even looked like he had a nice little body going on.  Of course, my usual M.O. is to find a nice spot and just watch ... which is what I planned to do ... but then, before I knew it, I was standing beside him.  And we started talking.  I couldn't believe how easy it was to talk to him.  I think I got lost in that beautiful smile of his ..."

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