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FULL NAME: Eric Daniel Drummond

AGE: 31

BIRTHPLACE: Baltimore, Maryland

WHEN YOU REALIZED YOU WERE GAY: "I always knew. When I came out of the womb, Iíd have gone straight for the doctorís crotch, but ... he had my head by those tongs."

FIRST GAY FRIEND/INFLUENCE: "Benny. A boy on my street. He wore jelly bean shoes and got teased a lot. But, secretly ... I admired his courage. Plus, he was real smart. He read a lot of books. Regrettably, I always stayed away from him. I didnít want to get lumped in with him. Kids could be cruel. Because I wore braces, I wasnít too keen on getting chased off the school bus. Benny? I lost contact with him a long time ago. I wonder what heís up to ..."

FIRST PERSON YOU TOLD: "One of my TAs in college. George. All those other men Iíd had ... experiences with, already knew the deal if I was in the same bathroom with them, so there was no point in telling anything. Plus, I donít think they wanted to hear it."

FIRST "GAY" STATEMENT: "Acknowledging it within myself, even though I never named it until I was much older."

RUMOR: Has a lot of notches on his belt.

COMMENT: "Not really. I only have 29" waist.  Okay.  Iím up to a 34.  But, it used to be a 42!"


SOMETHING NOBODY KNOWS:  "I'm on a couple of websites.  Okay.  A few.  Yes, naked.  And I make a lot of 'connections.'  Even with the married 'down low' brothas."

Excerpt from Neil's Journal

"... the party was last night.  I can't believe how much I had to drink.  I woke up tore all out the frame!!! I mean, I had all kinds of folks up in my bedroom this morning. Two of them were in my bed!  No ... it wasn't that kind of party.  It was just Eric and Zelda.  The funny thing is ... after Eric's behavior, he's lucky I let him anywhere near me.  That silly ho practically snatched Ron from me!  gym bunny, fine ass Ron.  He was all up in my face.  Until Eric came along.  I swear ... Eric's my best friend, but sometimes he makes me wonder.  He thinks every man is supposed to be his.  Even the ones not interested in him.  Some of the shit he does is so fucked up.  Sometimes I don't know about him."

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