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FULL NAME:  Dustin Patrick Thomas

Age: 27

BIRTH PLACE: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

WHEN YOU REALIZED YOU WERE GAY: "Early on. I was lusting after the boys in my class. One boy in particular would always open his legs for me so I could look up the leg of his shorts. But, then he called me a "faggie" all the time as if he wasn’t one."

FIRST GAY FRIEND/INFLUENCE: "Who else? Bugs Bunny. He didn’t do the best drag.  But, he seemed pretty comfortable in it."

FIRST PERSON YOU EVER TOLD: "My best friend, Roger. The fucker turned around and asked me to suck his dick. When I did. He told everybody.  Don’t ever have a crush on a straight boy. They’ll dick you around every time.  Literally."

FIRST "GAY" STATEMENT: "Outtin’ every fucka on the basketball team I saw at Tracks."

RUMOR: That you only went after Neil because Imu was involved with him.

COMMENT: "Whether that’s true or not is beside the point. Neil and I get along fine. He’s my babe.  It’s people like Imu and his little boyfriend ‘‘Mohammed’’ that need to be stopped. And while I’m at it, I might as well talk about people in quote/unquote ‘‘open relationships ...”  (Interviewers Note:  Rest of interview, not available upon request.)

FIRST APPEARANCE:  Issue No. 6 (Technically, the cover of Issue No. 1)

SOMETHING NOBODY KNOWS:  "That Neil may be right about me."

From Neil's Journal:

"... Initially, I didn't know what to think about Dustin.  He followed me around the campus, getting into my business.  then, he starts trying to act like he's some straight boy ... then he starts queening out!!!  then he acts like it's all a joke.  I mean, he's funny and all ... and once you get pass the arrogant, GOOFY part of him, he's actually QUITE cute.  Sexy, actually.  Quite sensual.  I would say that he likes me.  But then, he seems pretty flirtatious.  He exudes sexuality ..."



"... Dustin doesn't realize I saw how he and Imu were making faces at each other.  Plus, I caught all the little comments he was making.  I wonder if they have some kind of past together.  It IS a small city.  But then, Imu can't get mad ... considering he has a man and all.  Maybe Dustin can help me get my mind off him ..."


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